About ‘Peace On Your Plate’

A mission to spread peace and positivity.

‘Peace On Your Plate’ are a musical collective using music to spread a message of peace and positivity.

Their first single – ‘Peace On Your Plate’ – was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and released on 13th December 2019. It reached number 5 in the Amazon chart, number 7 in the Google chart and number 48 in the official UK downloads chart for Christmas 2019. The song raised money for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and Viva!

Their second single – Ask Me Why – will be released on Friday 4th September 2020. Written by POYP member Ian Haywood, the song is about the many times he’s been asked the question: “why are you vegan?”

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Gavin Chappell-Bates & Giles Bryant at Vegan Camp Out

I’m proud to support Peace On Your Plate for so many reasons but first and foremost for the animals that will benefit from this amazing initiative. We are what we eat and if we do not consume the product of violence, exploitation and death we will not promote and perpetuate this behaviour in our own actions. Peace On Your Plate leads to peace in your heart, mind and soul!Fiona Oakes, Founder of Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary and world record marathon / endurance runner

We are thrilled to support Peace On Your Plate. The intensive farming industry goes against everything that Christmas represents. Christmas should be a season of peace and goodwill and that’s exactly what Peace On Your Plate hopes to achieve. Support this song and sing it loud and proud — help extend our compassion to all creatures this Christmas.Roisin McAuley, PR & Marketing Manager, Viva!